Fill it up!

We had our team lunch earlier at Filling Station Bar & Cafe. Honestly, I’ve set my criteria a little higher from all the blogs I’ve read about it, but I’ll spare you, and myself, from all the unnecessary mixed up words forming a sentence.

My manager recommended me to try their Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich. Honestly, it was hard for me to decide on what to eat. I wanted to try every item on the menu! Btw, they serve breakfast meals all-day long! But, I ended up ordering the sandwich instead of the breakfast meals.

Grilled Chicken Pesto Sandwich

This. Is. A. Must. Try.

It’s served with fries (with the yummy Pesto Dip) and coleslaw. The serving is really generous. Really, really generous. I was too excited to eat this treat that I didn’t get a decent instagram-worthy picture of it. With no second thought, I started eating. And the next thing I remember is, my manager doing some cheering for me to finish the meal because I’m the only one left eating and maybe they wanted to go try their desserts already.

From eating the sandwich and waiting for our desserts, I’ve got a blurry vision of what happened in between. I’m overwhelmed by the food, the serving, the taste.

Then, the good news arrived!

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes


I’ve tried other Frozen Brazo de Mercedes before and this one isn’t really that frozen in comparison. But, the taste is really good. That awesome feeling of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It’s a little bit too sweet for me though, but what the hell, I still enjoyed this.

Banana Split



Our second dessert. Classic. Banana Split. You can never go wrong with this. I want to know what brand of ice cream are they using so I could do some for myself sometime.

My over-all experience was good. I love their Grilled Chicken Pesto. I wish I tried my teammate’s meal so I could share something else aside from my new-found love. The service was good. The items may cost a little too much, but it’s worth it. With the taste, serving and all. It’s worth it.

I’ll try to go back and try other items! Hopefully the breakfast items.




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