Manila Wings: The Weekly Routine

Hi! I think I’m an American.

I’m a sucker for burgers and chicken wings and I’m glad there’s a new hang-out place just 15 mins away from home. The ambiance is great. The food is actually cheap and oh, it’s near! 🙂

I’m into Manila Wings because of their Chicken Wings. They’re serving varieties but I’m being loyal to Sili-est Chicken Wings (their hottest wings). Since day 1, I’ve been telling the server that it’s not spicy at all (for me), but I don’t know why I still come back and order the exact same item. Well, I love it anyway. Trust me, you can tolerate the spicy-ness.


They’re also serving quarter pounder burgers! I’ve tried several but my almost-favorite, as of now, is their Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger. (Okay, I got myself confused with the name. Talk about favorite, huh.) Warning! Don’t get too disappointed with their bacons! It’s actually just a really thin slice of bacon plus a lot of flour.


You can also try their Ultimate Nachos. It’s actually good. And as a proof, I don’t have decent photo of it because my friends were too excited to eat everything!


So, that’s my Manila Wings Routine. If you’re near Sta. Lucia, you should try this place. And, go for their Chicken Wings!



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