The Benjarong Experience

Random lunch with the lovely people.

I’ve only had Thai experience once and it was such a failure. So, I wasn’t expecting too much.


The doorway leading to a “magical” place. The atmosphere is very classy and simple. We were almost too loud when we entered here, but we were amazed by the restaurant’s interior.

Machi already talked with the Thai Manager about the menu and they didn’t fail us. All the food served were really mouthwatering. And blog-worthy — taste and presentation-wise.


Whatever this is called, I love it! I almost finished this one! Good thing Marrows isn’t into this. More for me!

Next is the Shrimp Cakes. I love that you can really see and taste the shrimps. And the sauce matches this fried goody.




This is probably one of the few vegetable dish I can eat without rice. And still manage to finish it.


This is where it gets better! The green curry! I love it! I loved it! Please allow me to be excited and let the pictures to the talking. I’m craving for these all right now.



THE BEST PHAD THAI I’VE EVER HAD!! Instant favorite! Kristine, Marrows and I all agreed that this is the best Phad Thai we’ve ever had.

I have no words for this Thai experience. I would definitely go back and eat. Eat more Phad Thai! ❤

Special thanks to Machi for inviting us. ❤

Dusit Thani Manila



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