UMU Dinner


Dined at Dusit Thani Manila’s Umu Restaurant last night with KM’s fambam and friends.

We, her college friends, arrived late and good thing they haven’t started eating yet! KM talked with the restaurant’s manager before hand regading the menu and here it goesssssssss.






Sorry I wasn’t able to get the names of each dish. We were busy talking and talking that we didn’t get the chance to ask for the name. But each dish is actually good! I love their sashimi. They’re really fresh unlike in other restaurants. I also loved whatever you call that veggies wrapped in rice wrapper(or whatever). The wrapper is soft and the veggies are so crunchy. Perfect contrast.

I wasn’t able to concentrate on being a “food-blogger” because I was too enjoying the company of good friends. I suck when I’m enjoying the talk.

UMU Japanese Restaurant
Dusit Thani Manila



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