Happy Campers at Anawangin


It was supposed to be a quick de-stress trip with my favorite people in the world. But some part of the trip was a little didn’t turned out as planned.

We left Manila for Zambales around 1 in the morning. Our driver picked us up and he is, without a doubt, the nicest driver ever. Even though we just met him for the first time, he didn’t make any part of the trip awkward. We arrived at Zambales as early 5 am. We started to buy our food and other stuff. Then we headed to the “port”. The boat ride to Anawangin takes roughly 30 minutes. The boat’s smaller compared to the one used in Coron. At first, you’ll be captivated by the view. It’s really a paradise, but wait until you’ve landed at Anawangin.


The place is crowded. Or maybe because it’s summer and a weekend. But, whatever, the place’s still crowded and overrated, for me. The bangkeros didn’t even bother to help us set-up our tents. They didn’t even said goodbye or made sure we’re settled already. We’re just thankful that the people beside our cottage were really helpful. I feel like we’re not meant to fit in this camping community.


After struggling with how to fix a tent, start a fire and how to chop and cook without proper utensils. We tried to maximize our stay. We played frisbee and we did a quick dip just to get ourselves tan, but we ended up teasing our friend for cleaning. The water’s not that clean anymore. Local government should prioritize maintaining the cleanliness of Anawangin to continue attracting tourists. I think, they should also construct more and better restrooms. But then again, Anawangin is for campers — to be close to nature and get a break from all the hassle from the city. If that’s what you’re looking for, Anawangin is definitely the place to go.


What I enjoyed most about Anawangin is having no network reception. It’s really a break from all the stress in the city. Hours seems longer, but it’s really refreshing to live simpler than usual. I also enjoyed the sand, and playing frisbee and running like a free child, not thinking of anything else other than what’s for our dinner. You’ll never regret coming to Anawangin. So, next time, try going to Anawangin. Just be better campers than us! 🙂


-H ❤


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