Countdown ’til Baler

2 more days and I’m off to Baler with my awesome cousins! I’m excited! This is the first time we’ll go up North for summer. It’s a great change of view from Laiya. And of course, I’m excited to try surfing. I’ve been telling myself that I could go up on that board and ride the wave. Even a small one will definitely count, but I’m having butterflies in my stomach with that thought. I just want to skip work today and sleep until it’s time to go to Baler.

I’ve searched blogs telling me what should I see and do while I’m at Baler and there’s just too many. I need to maximize my overnight stay there.  So here’s my own checklist.

1. Ride the waves. This is my top priority. My stay at Baler would definitely be such a waste if I don’t even at least try to surf. So, yes, let’s give it a try.

2. Read a book. I’m love the peace that comes with the sand and sun, so it’s my perfect “me time” and reading a book is definitely perfect. Add the amazing sunset view. I’m in paradise. My own paradise.

3. Visit the Lukso-Lukso Islets & Ditumabo Falls. This is if my mom, and time, allows me to.

If I fail to do this, I’m going back another time, with good friends, to maximize this Baler Experience.


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