Vegetable Pizza

Vegetable Pizza

I’ve read that their pizza is really a must try so when we stayed at Bay-ler View Hotel over the weekend, I just had to try their pizza.

I ordered something unusual — their Veggie Pizza. I was actually expecting lots of bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, olives and the other usual pizza ingredient.

I went back to our room to get my wallet and when I get back, there’s only 3 slices of pizza left. (And that’s the reason behind the pictures.) My cousins already ate their part. I was actually surprised when I saw their pizza. It was literally a vegetable pizza! I was having second thoughts of eating because broccoli and cauliflower isn’t really my top choice to add into my pizza. But, wth, I’m going to pay for this so I better suck it up and eat.

To my surprise, it actually tastes good! Never would I thought of this. My cousins even enjoyed their part as well. Btw, their crust is stuffed with cheese, though minimal. I’ve heard from their staff that they also do their own pizza dough. So home-y.

If ever, you’re going to Baler to surf or whatever. Go to Bay-ler View Hotel and try anything from their menu. It’s gonna be worth it.



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