6-months worth of excitement.

All my bags are packed… Or not. Yet.

I’m actually hyped about to this travel. I’ve been out of the country for leisure, but this one’s different. I’m not going with a large group of people where my itinerary is fixed and I don’t get to worry about anything. I’m more inclined to purchase an all-in package that covers everything I need. But, this one’s my first international travel with a good friend. And as early as now, I can say this is an adventure! We’ll be going to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore sometime next year. So here am I pouring my heart out and saying how freaking excited I am. I know it’s months away, but, I’m really, really excited!

As much as I’m excited for this trip, I’m also a bit worried. We want to maximize our trip; seeing as much as possible, spending less in everything, eating a lot of local food and such. But, we’re still undecided about our itinerary. We’re still deciding whether we’ll fly down from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore to save time, or we’ll take the 8-hour trip to save money. I’m more excited about the Genting ThemePark in KL than Legoland. So much to see, so little time.

I need suggestions. I need ideas where to dine, where to go and such. If you’ve been to this places, please, I beg you, please share your travel story. I’m more than happy to listen because I’m excited like that.



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