TheFatGirlBakes: KitKat Cake

I can say, I’m really proud of this one.

I’ve been wanting to bake a Kitkat cake since I’ve seen a photo of it. I’m not really that much of a chocolate lover, but who wouldn’t enjoy a chocolate overload cake once in a while?

After almost a month or two of planning, came the perfect opportunity — my godson’s 1st birthday! It would be perfect especially with a very colorful top. And kids enjoy chocolates. And I’ve got a sponsor for Kitkat and M&M’s! Perfect.


I wanted to make it from scratch. I don’t want to use ready-made chocolate cake mixes because I think the flavor isn’t just enough. I had to search for the best chocolate cake recipe, ever. And thank the heavens for Sally’s Baking Addiction!

I used her Triple Chocolate Layer Cake recipe for the base and frosting. The cake was really moist and it complements the milk chocolate icing as well. At first, I wanna having second thoughts about chocolate cake because the first time I baked one, it was a bit dry. But then again, it wasn’t Sally’s recipe. I read the entry first before actually baking and it helped. You’ll understand why you must this ingredient rather than the other. And you’ll know better, like you’ve done this before, when you read her it first.

Try it! Instead of using chocolate chips as decor, you can use Kitkat, M&M’s, Reese’s, Cadbury. Name your pick, it’s your cake anyway. 🙂