Baler, Aurora Round 2

This. Is. An. Overdue. Post. And. I. Lost. All. The. Pictures.


I love beaches. Who wouldn’t? I found an extra reason to love it even more… Surfing.

The second time I visited Baler was with my teammates. I really pushed to our manager that we’ll have our team building at Baler. Good thing, he knows someone who owns a resort there. Instant discount. Instant getaway.

There was a tropical depression when we headed to Baler, but good thing we arrived safely after 5 hours of travel. We stayed at Bay’s Inn, which is adjacent to Bayler View Hotel (where I stayed the first time). Bay’s Inn is known for it’s food, and I must say, with all gusto, it’s really a must try!! From breakfast to dinner, you can never go wrong with Bay’s Inn.  In terms of the room accommodation, I’d prefer Bayler View Hotel. The rooms are bigger, and the toilet looks better.


Since my manager knows someone from Baler, he got a free room at Costa Pacifica. Yes. A free room at Costa Pacifica. It’s a high-end resort with a very, very beautiful rooms! I could live forever in their rooms! All the furnishings are custom made, the beds are ultrasoft and big and the pillows too. And this view too!


My activities were pretty much the same as the first time. Except this time, I’ve got to try different restaurants. Just thinking about Baler, makes me wanna go back there to eat more. 


And finallyyyyyyy, I’ve get to hike to the Mother Falls. When we started the hike, it was all sunny. Shades on. Then suddenly, it started to rain! And there’s no sense in using one, so I kept it. Then lost it. Bye, Rayban! Anyway, going back. It was almost a 45 minute walk from the drop off area. I don’t remember paying for an entrance fee, it was more like of a donation. But, there was this one bamboo bridge where you have to pay P5.00 (I think?) per way. It’s not really that much. The hike and the pay was totally worth it! Just look at this photo. One of my favorite photos during the trip. ❤


Next time, you’ll need a place to visit. Choose Baler. It’s a cheap trip with good food and great views. Plus surfing! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Baler, Aurora Round 2

    1. Hi! I’m the fat girl, according to my friends at least. HAHAHA.

      For Bay’s Inn, a room good for 2 without aircon is P1400, with aircon is around P1600. I suggest you avail the matrimony rooms, which is actually good for 4 pax with a spacious floor room. I think it’s P2400. Btw, the room rate includes a buffet breakfast already. 🙂


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