Coron, Palawan Day 1

ImageCoron was our group’s first plane-trip getaway. But, come to think of it, we never left Rizal for a trip. And I’m glad I joined them. It was worth it! We went to Coron September. It was a lean season, and there was a typhoon when we went there. The good thing about going to Coron during the lean season is that the spots are not crowded. You don’t have to rush to get to the next stop. And it feels like we have the place to ourselves. Trust me, you’ll want to stay in each beach/spot as long as you can.

We stayed at Mamita’s Lodge during this 4-day trip. And, I’ve got no bad comment whatsoever. Mamita is the most welcoming stranger I’ve ever met! It’s like I have a grandmother looking after me. As a fan of all-expense paid trips, we availed one from Mamita. It was supposed to be P5000 per head for a group of 7. This already includes accommodation, transfers, food (even during the tour!), tours. everything! You can just bring money for terminal fees, and pasalubongs. (PS. I only had P500 with me during the entire trip!)

ImageMamita greeted us upon arrival, we checked into our room and then after 15 mins, they called us and told us that the food is ready. The serving may look small, but they do refill each bowl. I think it’s Mamita’s standard to serve 3 viands per meal, soup and fruits. Feels like home.

After eating, we had to start our day tour. Mamita said our first stop was Mt. Tapyas. It’s I-don’t-want-to-remember-that-almost-750-steps on the way to the top, with a spectacular view of Coron and a giant cross. Since there was a typhoon during our visit, we climb the trail while raining. (Well, it isn’t actually a trail, there were concrete stairs.) It was actually fun, almost skipping through the steps, but once you’ve settled on the top, you’ll feel the soreness. Add another 750 steps, since we have to go down. I died. Hahahaha.

Image*Mandatory Photo Stop. Just have to catch my breath*

*The Cross up top.*

After the pain, we’ve got to relax. We headed to the Maquinit Hot Spring. It was a long ride from Mt. Tapyas to the hot spring. Worse is that there were no street lights or electricity at some areas. Feels like… nevermind. I’ll just scare myself to sleep. There’s nothing much to say about the hot spring, because, you get what you expect. Hot. Perfect to cure my sore muscles and cold feeling because of the typhoon.

So, yep. That’s was our first day at Coron! 1 down, 3 to go! :>



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