Coron, Palawan Day 2

Even if it was a lean season during our visit, we didn’t waste any time prepping up. We’re up as early as 530AM, too hyped about the first day island hopping tour. Even though we thought we’re too early to start the island hopping tour, we’re almost the last group to leave the port.

*Swimming shoes c/o Alyssa. Thank you for this matchy shoes! :”>*

Our first stop was Siete Picados. It’s a snorkelling destination, and it didn’t disappoint. There are so many fishes there. We even pitched some bread so that we could see more fishes.


After Siete Picados, we headed to the Kayangan Lake. Before reaching the Kayangan Lake, you’ll be amazed to see this Coron trademark photo. Amazing, isn’t? This is absolutely my favorite photo.


The trail to Kayangan Lake was slippery even if we’re wearing the decent beach shoes. And it was a long walk, especially since my legs didn’t get enough rest from yesterday’s trip to Mt. Tapyas. But, behold… All the walk, and almost tripping was worth it because of Kayangan Lake.

ImageIt’s breathtaking, really. I was totally speechless when we got here. I’m so amazed! I felt like I must have done something great to actually witness this kind of beauty. Once again, I thank the heavens for the weather, though it was raining, it wasn’t pouring hard. And because I actually got to take a picture with no photobombers at all.
Image*Travel Buddies: (L-R) Alyssa, May, Me (the fat girl) & Marielle*

Then after this photo, my camera is almost dead and I left the other camera at Mamita’s. That’s why I didn’t had much picture during this day. After Kayangan Lake, we stopped at an island, which name I forgot. When we were at Kayangan, it was slightly pouring, but when we reached the island, the sun was shining brightly. I enjoyed eating lunch at our boat with freshly cooked seafood. After eating, we enjoyed for a moment the beach and just dipped and tried to get a decent tan.

Image*(L-R) Marielle, Me and May en route to Barracuda Lake after our lunch*

What can I say about the Barracuda Lake? It scared the shit out of me. The moment we reached the lake, we’re still speechless and in awe. We were really, really, really, amazed by Coron’s beauty. Before us, there was a group of tourist on the other side of Barracuda Lake, and we wanted to go there and good thing they left. Not knowing why. So me and my friends went to their spot. They warned us that they saw a Barracuda, we just shrugged off the idea and we were really loud, talking and sharing stories. Then suddenly, my friend, Alyssa, stopped and told us she saw a barracuda! We all started to panic and called the attention of the lake care taker, he immediately swam towards us. He was wearing fins, by the way. He told us that, apparently, loud noise attracts those Barracuda. He instantly told us to swim back to the other side, and we did. But, he did scared the shit out of us. He told us that he saw 2 barracudas in our spot.

After our Barracuda Lake trip, I honestly lost track of what happened since I was really scared, surprised and still shocked. But, that what makes our trip even more memorable. We got back to the town around 5PM and we just showered, then ate then slept. It was a little bit tiring, and fun. Thank you, Barracuda Lake for making our trip more memorable.



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