Coron, Palawan Day 3

It’s a beach, sun and sand kind of trip for our third day, we only have 2 islands to visit — Banana Island and Waling-waling Island. According to Mamita, only her visitors can actually go and spend the day at Waling-waling Island. That’s a plus for us! ❤

ImageBanana Island is almost 2 hours away from the port. Imagine how far is this island from the town. Like any other spot in Coron, it one absolutely took my breath away. The water is so clear you can almost see different shades of blue. It’s a piece of heaven here on Earth.


ImageI took this picture of Alyssa and I absolutely love it! The background is way beyond perfect. I wish I had a picture like this. It’s a proof that the water was really clear. The disadvantages of being the photographer. After lunch, we headed to Waling-waling Island. I’m still amazed, until now, how clear the water is! It may be clear, but according to our bangkero, it’s more than 6 feet. Btw, the island on the background is where we’re headed.



ImageThere’s nothing much to say since we just lay the entire day. The islands were so beautiful and all instagram-worthy. It’s the perfect trip to end our Coron trip. I honestly wish I could come back and spend more time at Coron.  With all the love, I miss you Coron.



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