Kuala Lumpur – “The Lay Over”

Our flight was scheduled to leave past 9 via Cebu Pacific, and we arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 at around 5. We thought that the line was long that it would consume at least an hour or two. Plus, it was fun to share your excitement and all other emotions with someone. We were so excited that we almost had to charge our phones for the entire day.



We arrived at Low Cost Carrier Terminal past 12MN and we were welcomed by a very windy and kind of chilly weather. I’d have to commend the terminal’s runway. It’s longer than NAIA’s, but I still love HongKong’s Airport. When we landed, I was really scared. It was my first on-my-own trip and I thought I’m going to have a hard time communicating with the Malaysians. And boy, I was just right. When we reached the immigration counter, I was confident at first. I can communicate in English. When it was my turn at the counter, I happily handed my passport to the immigration officer and if I can picture myself, I’d say I do look like an idiot. The immigration officer asked me what was my purpose of visit, so I answered, “Leisure. Vacation.” Then the officer uttered something I cannot, with all my will, understand. I swear, I tried to understand but I cannot. Good thing, Marrows was on the counter beside me, and lucky me, she kinda, understood what the officer was talking about and she said, “Yes, Holiday.” So, lightbulb moment. He was asking if it was for a holiday. Damn. Yes, I was in for a holiday.

ImageWe had more than 10 hours to kill before our flight to Singapore. We opted to fly fromKuala Lumpur to Singapore, (yes, expensive.) But, we didn’t want to spend a long time riding a bus. We initially planned to visit the Petronas Towers before our flight Singapore. So I booked a late morning flight. But, upon checking, the bus from LCCT to KL Sentral runs until 12MN only, and it’s almost 2hours away from the airport. There was no way that we’ll be able to catch the last bus from LCCT to KL Sentral. And there’s no way we’re spending more than 100 MYR for a cab ride. So, last option, we waited at the airport. We tried to catch some sleep. And like our original plan, we didn’t get enough sleep.


Surprisingly, I think it was normal at LCCT for passengers to sleep anywhere. There were so many travelers sleeping on the floor, or even at the restaurants. And just like us, I think they’re waiting for their flight too. We booked a flight at AirAsia, it was the cheapest fare from KL to SG, at the time of our booking. So, why not? Airline hopping at its finest. After 2 cups of coffee, 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep and more than 9 hours of waiting, we boarded the plane to Singapore. And here we are, sleepless at 10AM.


And we scream, Singapore! 🙂





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