Singapore Day 1

Our flight to Singapore via AirAsia took at least 20 minutes before the actual take off. The captain said it was because of the traffic, which I guess was normal for LCCT since all AirAsia flights are at LCCT. I thank the heavens for that 20-minute traffic because I was able to get 15-minute power nap. The actual flight to Singapore was short, first thing I know we were taking off, then next thing I know we have 5 minutes or so before landing.

*I don’t have the willpower to open my eyes. I’m too tired and sleepy*

I didn’t have any bad vibes about traveling to and around Singapore since Marrows lived at Singapore for 6 months. She instantly know where should we go from the Airport. We have our EZLink cards before hand so we just loaded our cards 10SGD each for the entire trip. From the airport, we opted to stop at Expo before heading to the hotel since it was too early to check in. And plus I wanna do a little shopping as well, since Marrows said it would be cheaper if we bought some items from Expo rather than the Orchard Road. After some canvassing, and a little bit of shopping (for Marrows, at least), we headed to the hotel.

I’ve booked a room at Holiday Inn Express Orchard Road. But when we arrived at around 2PM, our room isn’t ready yet since the hotel had a high occupancy the day before. I took this chance to actually go to the nearest money changer since I don’t have enough Singaporean Dollar yet. We left our bags to the hotel and decided to go out for a walk. I was so amazed by Singapore in so many levels. I instantly fell like I actually belong to Singapore. When we got back after 30 mins, the room was ready, and I’m more than happy to see a bed.


The room was clean and really, really inviting! Or maybe I was just too sleepy? I was so excited that I sat on my bed even before I could take a photo, hence, the slight mess on the second bed. The room was kinda big actually, I was expecting a smaller room. What I like about the Holiday Inn Express brand is that you get what you actually need for the stay, plus free breakfast for all the guest. And let’s not forget the internet connection. We were so into social media that we have to check our Facebook and of course to message our parents that we arrived safely at Singapore.

*View from Mandarin Oriental’s Dolce Vita/Pool side Restaurant*

We rested for about 20 minutes or so and off we go to meet Marrows’ former workmates at Mandarin Oriental. Another plus side with checking in at Holiday Inn Express was that it was very accessible. It was very near Somerset station and few steps away from the hotel, there’s a bus stop. Very convenient!! Her work friends are really nice that they even offered us a drink. After her quick visit to Dolce Vita, we went to Suntec to shop and search for Aston’s.

I was hoping for Nando’s but Marrows said that it is expensive, so we opted for Aston’s. I honestly don’t know what Aston’s is, but Marrows saw this one very appetizing picture from our blockmate’s Instagram post. She searched it even before our trip, and it was cheaper compared to Nando’s.

Image*Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with Mac & Cheese and Mashed Potato*

I was really hungry since this will be our first meal for the day. Yes, we didn’t eat during our 10-hour “lay-over”, nor during our short side trip to Expo. So guess what I did? Carbo loading. This meal cost me around, or less, 13SGD. The meal was worth 8.90SGD – grilled big portion of chicken plus 2 sides of your choice, plus the overpriced mineral water, then add the service charge. I say, it’s worth it, especially we’re really “starving” at the time. I absolutely love the Mac & Cheese!! It’s very… Cheesy! I also enjoyed the mashed potato and the gravy! Match made in heaven. I’m actually craving for one right now. Gosh, take me to Singapore please!!! And let’s not forget the chicken, the portion was really big. I had a very satisfying night that we had to walk from Suntec back to our hotel.

We tried to be back at the hotel before 9PM so we could catch some sleep and take an overdue shower. But with all the quick window shopping along Orchard Road on our way back, we reached the hotel past 9 and was able to call it a night by 11PM. Ohh boy, it was a long dayyyyyyy.



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