I’m ditching my booked flight to Singapore on September to travel local first. Though, I’ve made plans already for my second Singapore trip, I was having second thoughts about it since I’ve been there and I’ve pretty much seen what I wanted to see. And, I can spend the same amount and check off my Local Travel Bucketlist.

First off, Boracay on August. What better way to enjoy the usually crowded Boracay than travel on lean season? My friends really booked this flight so I could finally skip that Singapore trip. But, not that I’m complaining, I love that I’m travelling again with my very good friend, Marrows along with our other friends. Here’s to the riot waiting for us!

Second, El Nido on November. What can I say? I love Palawan. Island hopping at its finest! Ahhh! I was planning on going solo but another friend wanted to tag along, so why not?

Probably the last is Bacolod’s Masskara Festival. I haven’t booked yet, but I’m planning to. I wanna experience a local festival and Sinulog’s 6 months away!! Plus, Bacolod would be fun. Food haven, gorgeous beaches.

I’m hoping that I’d be able to get a new laptop before Boracay! I miss blogging! And I need to start my itineraries! ❤️

Here’s to the girl who travels!! ✈️


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