Bye, Singapore! Hello, Kuala Lumpur!

After 2 fun days of purely leisure, we have to say goodbye to our comfort zone and embrace what lies ahead of us – adventure.

Our flight back to Malaysia leaves at late morning so we decided to squeeze in some late minute shopping at Expo. We saw this Magnum chocolates on our first day and we thought that that would be a unique “pasalubong” treat to our family and friends since we don’t have those back in the Philippines. And, I’ve been eyeing to purchase that sexy and classy purple luggage. (Which, I wasn’t able to get and still hunts me in my dreams.)

Changi Airport is so clean and organized and very tourist friendly. What I admire the most about Changi Airport was the security personnel. Before checking in, our luggage were checked with the X-ray machine, and the security personnel knows where to look for the items which are not allowed – like liquids and such, which makes the checking process faster and less hassle to the passengers.

photo 1 (2)

Here comes the fun and tricky part – the adventure. We landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and boy I was so surprised. It was so much different and way, way, way better than the Low Cost Terminal. I’m surprised even that they still utilize the LCCT. (But hey, as of today, they opened the KLIA 2 which will be the terminal for Low Cost Carriers). We almost got lost inside the airport since we have to ride a train and all to get to the exit halls. When we reached the exit halls, we noticed a small booth for “Visit Malaysia 2014” so we headed there and asked the lady few questions on how we can get to KL Sentral. She gave us options, but we opted for the fastest one – the Express Train. It’s a non-stop train from KLIA to KL Sentral, which took 30-45mins.

photo 2 (2)

When we reached KL Sentral, I was actually scared of getting lost and mugged. We carefully walked and read and asked for directions on how to get to Metro Hotel Bukit Bintang. Though I searched beforehand on how to get there, we just wanted to make sure. There’s this guy at the KL Sentral mall who instructed us to ride the monorail and alight at Bukit Bintang Station, so we did. Though, according to my research, which I told Marrows, that we should alight at Imbi Station and it’s less than 5-minute walk from there. So we alighted at Bukit Bintang station, because we trusted the guy and he’s the local after all, and walked for more than 20 mins looking for the hotel and it is just not there. It’s nowhere to be found! We asked several people for directions and most of them didn’t even know that Metro Hotel exists! When we finally asked the right person, we was instructing us to go back to the direction of KL Sentral – and we did. We reached our hotel roughly around 430 in the afternoon after walking for more than 30 minutes. The best heartbreak news was, if we did alight at Imbi Station, we would have just walked 3 minutes and tada, our hotel would be there.

But, the good news was – we were able to enter the hotel premises when it started to rain heavily. And since it was really heavy, we tried to maximize that to rest for awhile, fix and arrange our luggage since we’ll be going home tomorrow.




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