One-Day Love Affair at Kuala Lumpur

Even before our trip, I asked Marrows what re the places she wants to visit in Kuala Lumpur and her answer was constant – “Petronas. Kahit Petronas lang.”  For a while, we even thought of going to Resorts World Genting Highland, instead of the usual Legoland. But, we tried to be realistic for a minute – tadaaaa, crossed Genting Highland. So, with Petronas on our list, I still had an opportunity to add something “local” which is Jalan Alor foodtrip.

After washing up and waiting for the rain to stop, we headed out to have dinner and see the Petronas. Getting around Kuala Lumpur was easy and I was surprised. We didn’t even bother to ride a cab – thanks to our map, we saved money and experience the local train. I admire the system there. Unlike in the Philippines wherein you have to go neck to neck with people to get in the train, they don’t push themselves. If they see that the train is crowded, they will stop trying to get in. Talk about discipline.


photo 3 (1)Self-service ticketing at Dang Wangi LRT Station.

After a good conversation over Nando’s, off we go to see the Twin Towers. During our visit, unfortunately, there was an ongoing construction in front of Petronas. Taking a picture of the Twin Tower was really hard. And I meant it, because almost everyone was lying down on the ground so they can take a really good shot! Marrows was wearing a dress, so that’s not an option for us, good thing we have this monopod! (I thank the heavens for the creative minds behind this!)

photo 3 (2)Stunning. Beautiful. Amazing.

After gazing happily at Petronas and talking to some tourist who was amazed by our selfie stick, we walked back to the station as we didn’t know what time would be the last trip. During our trip back to the hotel, I was happily contented. I saw the Petronas Twin Tower – it was more than beautiful that I was speechless. I realized in that moment that I was a survivor of my own fear. And that I am amazed on how beautiful the unknown is. 

Since the next day would be our last day and our itinerary is just around the corner, we decided to sleep longer tonight and just have brunch at Jalan Alor before heading back to the airport. Jalan Alor, according to the blogs I’ve read, is actually the food haven – at night. Home of the cheap and great finds local food in the city. Which is exactly why we chose Metro Hotel Bukit Bintang since it was roughly a 5-minute walk. The street during daytime is less lively and some establishments are even closed because they do close late at night.

photo 1 (1)Jalan Alor during daytime.

photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (4)

Marrows and I shared these yummy foods from the first establishment we saw that was open. I actually like the fried rice so much I was able to finish it alone – no viands. We wanted to try some seafood but since it was too early, most of the items are not yet available. If I’d go back to Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Alor would be on my top list. The food was really exceptional and budget friendly. Last bite, then it started to sink in – we’re leaving in 4 hours.



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