Happy Campers at Nagsasa Cove

We’ve enjoyed the camping trip so much that’s why we decided to have another camping trip. We’ve made a promise that we’ll see each coves in Pundaquit. This year, we decided to visit the second cove — Nagsasa. It’s about an hour and a half from the town and with that there are less campers in the area — which means a better restroom, less garbage, better ocean views.

DSCN1226My favorite shades of blue at Nagsasa Cove.

We arrived past 7 in the morning and the sun was shining so bright and the shades of blue was so welcoming. We packed Adobo for breakfast so we didn’t have to cook for breakfast. The boys decided they’ll cook the rice while we played cards and the guide set up our tent. What we actually like about camping is that there’s no cell reception, longer time and independence.And ohh, serenity! We can play cards, read a book, cook and clean the dishes and the it’s still morning. And yes, I was able to read 2 chapters of The Hollow City before they called the group to eat.  Playing frisbee was not an option because the sun was so bright and the sand was too hot to run around. We maximized the time to take a dip, surprisingly the water was cold. We even tried, again, to teach Maru how to float. And we failed, again.




After taking a walk and dip, we headed back to our tent where the other guys are waiting for us. We decided earlier that we’ll hike to the falls which was according to the guide would take us roughly 30 minutes. We started around 2 in the afternoon and we were so happy and excited until the heat was unbearable. The mountain view was beautiful – a perfect mix of green and brown. The trail was a mix of stony areas, field with  weeds with sharp edges, uphill dry mud. We had to walk between almost 3 mountains before reaching the falls.

photo 1 (4)



Law and I were so tired even before reaching the halfway point, and I honestly felt like dragging them down. I was sweating so hard and feel like I was dehydrated! It was too hot and we only brought 1 bottle of water for the entire group! When we got to the falls, we were totally surprised that there was no water!! The falls was dry, well, it is summer after all. So technically we walked for about 2 hours to go for a walk to see the mountain view and stones. Since we were so exhausted from the walk, we relaxed for a bit and waited for the sun to settle down. We reached the camp it was already dark and we haven’t even cooked for dinner and we are really itching to shower. Instead of spending an hour or so lining up for the restroom, so we cooked and ate first since the line for the restroom was a blockbuster.

photo 2 (5)

The line for the restroom was a blockbuster and people are now irritated. There was some heated argument because one girl took a bath with a guy and they took forever to finish! And the girl in front of was almost shouting some indecent things about the couple. When the couple were done, the girl answered back the girl in front of us and was now in tears. I guess, the lesson there was, you’re in camping with limited restrooms, learn how to take a quick bath since you have to be considered about other people too. After taking a bath, I was too tired to play some games so I left them and sleep.

10296075_10202259436068372_1606708474917318485_oMornings at Nagsasa. Photo courtesy of Law.

Mornings are lovely reminder that you’ve got another day to see the beautiful creations of the Man up there.

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