I’ve been blessed in 2014 with the gift of travel, and for that I am truly grateful. I certainly didn’t plan to spend my Christmas and New Year at Dubai, but I’m not complaining. It was, sort of, a last minute trip with my mother and brother. If I’d known we’ll fly out of the county earlier, I wouldn’t book a solo Singapore & Palawan ticket, which I wasn’t able to use.

Aside from the gift of travel, I’m also thankful for the lessons that I learned in each (missed) trip.

1 — Research first before booking. Remember that more than 8-hour “lay-over” at Malaysia? If I’d known earlier that the LCCT was almost an hour away from city, I’d book the earliest flight out of Malaysia to Singapore. It was definitely a waste of time, but I’m glad we were able to sleep.

2 — Plan all your trips. I wanted to include this because I was an impulsive booker last year. I’d grab every chance to book a ticket out, with not clearly planning my trips for the entire year, especially financially. Though, I’m not really spending too much for each trip, might as well, plan for it financially. This is a vacation/adventure after all, might as well try all those #WhenIn bucket list.

3. Be a traveller, not a tourist. Travelling is another way of learning. It opens your eyes to the beauty of the unknown. Try just booking a ticket, with no specific itinerary and just go! You’ll be more amazed by the places you’ll visit.

I’m starting my 2015 in a foreign country and it wasn’t bad as I thought. Happy New Year!!

To more city skylines, metro train systems, train tickets and passport stamps!



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