#WhenInDubai: Christmas Feeling at Dubai

Since we arrived at Dubai at around 10 in the evening (Christmas wasn’t as big there as it was in Manila, plus that almost 9-hour flight was exhausting), we decided to eat at Mcdonald’s. I ordered their version of Spicy Chicken Burger with large fries and drinks. That’s my kind of classic. What happened next was something I was totally unprepared for. I got a almost twice the size of the usual here in Manila. I love fries, no doubt. So I’m actually glad to see a bigger large fries. But it was the drink that was too much. Thinking about it now, I think my appetite suits Dubai’s servings afterall.

mcdo1Dubai Large vs Manila Large

The following day, since it’s Christmas, we checked in at Fairmont Dubai with my good friend, Gedz. The front office agent was really friendly. He was chatty and all. Since it was early to check in, we dined at Cascades. There were few choices, but everything was delicious! Their roasted turkey was exceptional!!! I had the turkey’s first blood! Also, their Lasagna! Oh, dear. I wish I could relive that exact moment when I tried their lasagna. And also, I tried their Foie Gras. It was actually my first time to eat Foie Gras, but their’s didn’t disappoint. I did enjoy it even if I wasn’t a liver fan. It was actually funny that Gedz and I saw the pumpkin soup after we had our turkey and lasagna. But hey, we still did try and enjoyed it!



We checked in after stuffing ourselves with delicious food selections. We got a room in the higher floor – 27th to be exact. Did I mention that I got a thing for buildings, city skylines and city views? If not, I have a thing for them. I don’t know why but I love staring at the city skylines and different buildings. Our room was spotless and the bed was so comfortable! I almost didn’t want to wake up and leave it. It was heartbreaking. Gedz and I showered then headed to the Mall of Emirates and Dubai Mall for some bonding time, while my family enjoying the bed which I know probably took a piece of my heart. Hahahaha!





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