#WhenInAbuDhabi: Formula Rossa Experience

Okay, I’m such a baby. I’m acrophobic, but that didn’t stop me from experiencing THE fastest roller coster in the world. During my quick catch up with my good friend, Gedz, he showed me a video of the Formula Rossa and shared his experience. I was so convinced that I wouldn’t survive it. So when my mom asked me — Yas Waterworld or Ferrari World? My answer was definitely Ferrari World. I wouldn’t let my fear rob me a memorable experience.

I’d be honest I was surprised when I bought our park tickets. It was 250 AED ( PhP 2,500.00 ++). It was expensive, especially for me knowing I’ll only want to ride Formula Rossa. Mom decided that they’ll wait for me and my brother outside instead. Which was totally great, since they’ll probably not ride anything.


 This was actually our only agenda for the day, so we headed this way straight! I was actually surprised that my brother told me that this will be his first time to ride a roller coster. I’m actually happy for him that his first ride was Formula Rossa, but I was also a little bit scared for him. The funny thing was, while waiting for our turn. I remember him clearly, just playing car parking game in his ipad, totally relaxed about it. Me? I was almost freaking out, telling him I can’t do it. And he was just smiling at me, telling me that we have to ride that thing and get over it! Hahahaha. Awesome big-little-brother moment in there.

OKAY. I don’t know how to start this, but as I’m typing right now, I look like an idiot smiling. Before the ride started, with our seat belts on, my brother looked at me and told me, “Ate, natatakot ako.” I smiled, told him we’ll get over it. Then the car went… super fast! I closed my eyes, screaming! The car suddenly climbed, and I thought, “Oh shit, here’s comes the hard part — the big drop.” I was so damn freaking scared!! I feel like I was going to fall!!! By the way, they don’t have should locks or whatever you call those. what we have is just seatbelt and a lapbar!!! Which I think, made the falling feeling even stronger. I opened my eyes after the big drop, and I saw my brother grinning at me!! I was definitely amused by my screaming! The falling feeling didn’t go away. Every drop, no matter how shallow it is, the drop makes my heart literally skip a beat! The was this one turn that I feel like I could touch the ground, we were so loooow!!! After what it seems like forever, we’ve come to a stop, and we were clapping!!! Damn, best worst feeling ever!!  



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