Quick Rizal Getaway

My new found love of travelling local started with the WhereToNext Bucketlist. And I may be 4 months late on starting, I found my self enjoying more local trips and chasing waterfalls. It was  a holiday when I asked my friends to go on a road trip with me around Rizal. I didn’t take much convincing to get them on board. We left Cainta past 7AM headed to our first destination – Palo Alto.

It was not originally included in our itinerary, but I wanted to add more so I searched for other spots too visit in Rizal. That’s when I opened this site, Travel-Up, mentioning about Palo Alto. It was on the way to Daranak so I added this one last minute. The Palo Alto village is along the highway and is hard to miss since there is a big tarpaulin waiting for you. Since the falls is inside the village, you’ll be required to leave an ID at the guard house.



Yep, we have to climb 249 steps to see the falls! But before you can start your climb, you have to register and pay the entrance fee. I told my friends that maybe we should check the falls and then decide if we wanted to swim here or not. Good thing, there’s a free viewing option, but you only have 15 minutes. The climb was short since there’s a concrete stairs already, but be ready because the steps are steep.


Because it was summer, there was barely water falling. The water was surprisingly cold, too. What’s good about this place is that they fixed the place and turned into some sort of a swimming pool. If ever you’ll visit Palo Alto, I strongly suggest to visit it during rainy season so you’ll enjoy and appreciate more the falls. After admiring the barely-there falls, we headed back to the car and drove straight to Daranak Falls in Tanay.



The drive from Palo Alto to Daranak was short specially because we enjoyed the view. We even rolled our windows down to enjoy the cold air. During the drive, we can’t help but stop to take a quick photo. Though we’re all from Rizal, we can’t help but admire this view.

Knowing it was a holiday, I was expecting a crowded Daranak Falls. And it was, even if we arrived before lunch. We had to park 5-minutes away and just walk our way to the entrance. I was amazed to see the water clean. (Well, given the crowd.) There were even people jumping off a stone to a 30-feet deep plunge pool. The water was really cold, I was chilling within 10 minutes after taking a dip. What I enjoyed the most was getting near the fall, it feels like I was being massaged!

I’m sorry for the crowded photo. It was just hard to take a clean photo during my visit.

We decided that we’ll go back to Daranak for an overnight stay on a weekday during the rainy season to better adore this place.


2 thoughts on “Quick Rizal Getaway

    1. Hi!!! I know!! The joy of having an adventure with your friends! We were suppossed to visit Batlag Falls but the guard told us that Batlag was crowded already. We’ll visit Daranak and Batlag again during the rainy season. Less crowd, and the waterfalls is full-blown! 🙂


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