#WhenInSiargao: Caob Lagoon

For our last day in Siargao (which is technically our first day as well!!), we were able to visit the very hidden Caob Lagoon (Secret Lagoon). I was curious about it because it was included in Siargao’s top to do list, but with minimal photos in Instagram.

After more than an hour of land transfer from General Luna to Del Carmen, we had to ride a boat from Del Carmen to Caob Lagoon. The ride was long but you’ll be rewarded with nature’s beauty — from mangroves to clear waters to mountain background.


I was surprised to see that we were alone when we arrived in the lagoon. To say I’m scared is an understatement. We’re too-much-bodies-of-water away from the mainland and our guide told us that he’ll be visiting a friend — I wanted to ask “Where??” but decided not to. There’s a small house where we stayed and at the back is a breathtaking view.


Caob Lagoon reminded me of Kayangan Lake in Coron. It is such a beauty with untouched beauty (well except for the constructed open area in between). We stayed here for more than hour, just soaking up, enjoying the cold water and the sounds of birds chirping. I was blessed to see this place. It was relaxing and I was thankful that we had this to ourselves.

View from where we docked.

Upon seeing the view from the opposite side, Marrows immediately told me, “Girl, dapat dinala mo libro mo dito!” I wouldn’t mind spending the entire afternoon here as it was as relaxing as I wanted it to be.

View from the opposite side.

If you’re planning to visit Siargao, I suggest to include Caob Lagoon to your itinerary. It. Was. Worth. It. I promise, you’ll get the serenity you need.



3 thoughts on “#WhenInSiargao: Caob Lagoon

  1. Can you please email me the itinerary of how to get there and expenses? And maybe some tips? We’re planning to go to SIargao next month and I planned to include Caob Lagoon on our itinerary. Thanks a lot! 🙂


    1. Hiiii! Actually we didn’t follow our itinerary since our flight was cancelled. Bummer, right?

      On our arrival day, we had an afternoon tres island tour. The next day we started early – we hired a habal-habal for the entire day for P1,800 all in – Caob Lagoon, Falls (which you may opt not to go to -not charming at all! ✌🏼️) and Magpupungko Beach. We stopped Pacifico beach as well (visit this!! 👍🏼)

      Tips? Start early! And if you know how to ride a motorcycle and you have license, you can do the tour yourself and use waze. 😊 It’s cheaper but having a tour guide who knows people (for cheaper rate in boats, best stopovers, etc) is an advantage.

      Here’s the number of our tourguide/habal-habal driver: Randy – 09072319493
      He’s a nice guyyyy!!! Enjoy Siargao!!!


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