#WhenInSiargao: Tres Marias Island Hopping

Since we have very limited number of days to enjoy Siargao, we opted to do a last-minute Island Hopping Tour upon arrival. Even though we arrived at Siargao at around 3PM then travelling to General Luna took an hour. We rushed changing outfit upon arrival at Ocean 101, then riding the habal-habal back to the port where we’ve talked to a fisherman to help us with the tour.

The only advantage of doing a late afternoon is that you’ve got the islands to yourself. Might as well focus on that rather than dwelling on the fact that you’re given limited time to enjoy the islands.

Our first stop was the farthest island among the three — Naked Island which is literally naked… since there are no trees or shed in the island. It was surrounded by clear water perfect for swimming. From here, you can also see the waves breaking.


After Naked Island, our next stop was Daku Island. Since we won’t be staying long as we’re planning to catch the sunset at Guyam, we didn’t rent a cottage. Instead, I ran (and Marrows had no choice but to run as well) towards the end of the island where we downed the sweetest and freshest buco juice I’ve ever had. Surprisingly, I thought I finished it too early, but was surprised to find that there is still buco juice remaining. It feels like an unlimited supply of buco juice.

My first view after docking. 🙂


It may not have the same fine sand like Naked Island but I was sure captivated by its beauty. The coconut trees with a quiet spot perfect for staring blankly at the sky was the best! After running like a wild child and enjoying the buco juice with the almost-sunset view, we headed to our last stop — Guyam Island. The ride to Guyam Island was the roughest. With the big waves hitting our small boat, I was terrified. It was even scarier than the ride from Banana Island in Coron during a stormy afternoon!


Guyam Island is relatively smaller than Daku Island. I was hopping to do surfing here but when I saw the waves at the other side, I’d rather not. Hahahaha! I love the rustic feel of this island. Most of my favorite photos from the trip is from this island.


Almost cotton-candy sunset sky at the other side of Guyam Island.

I suggest to book a ticket to Siargao for a week then spend the whole day doing island hopping. I promise you won’t regret it and you’ve got more time to enjoy each island (unlike us!!!).



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