Beach bumming in Siargao is a normal thing if not required. During our exhausting 1-day habal-habal tour around Siargao, I fell in love with its beaches. Siargao is surrounded by beautiful beaches with different charm from the others.

Here are some of the beaches (aside from the Naked, Daku and Guyam Islands) I’ve seen while in Siargao:

  1. Pacifico Beach (San Isidro, Siargao)
    If you’re travelling to Pilar all the way from General Luna via the Siargao Circumferential Road, you’ll pass by this beach. We didn’t plan stopping over here, but your tour guide said it was the best beach in the island. So, why not? 🙂

    thumb_GOPR7041_1024The sand is not as fine as those in Boracay or Calaguas, but it is more-like of a small pebble kind. We were the only visitors in the area so we had the beach to ourselves. This is where we stayed the longest too. The place was quiet with the waves humming to your ears. But, be careful. We were just sitting by the shore, but most of the time we end up rolling and rolling as the current is a bit strong.


  2. Burgos, Siargao Island
    This is such a beautiful sight. We were riding when I saw this view and I had to tell our guide to stop so I could take a photo. But, he had to stop meters away as we were almost uphill. I had to run back to this spot and take this photo.

    I remember telling our guide to stop at any public beach in Sta. Monica as I’ve read that the beaches in Sta. Monica are stunning. This one did not disappoint — it was such a sight!


  3. Alegria, Siargao
    The benefit of having a local driving us around was seeing these beautiful beaches. This was also a quick stop from our tour as our driver had to collect the money from his friend. He dropped us here to enjoy the view for a while.





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