Going Solo in Bangkok

Finally!!! I had to courage to go on a solo trip!!

Quick Backstory – I’ve booked a solo trip (twice!!) but ended up making lame excuses about not going. Then, there goes my good friend (Hi Kim!!!!) who braved Hoi An on her own. After hearing her travel story – I promised myself I’ll do it. Fast forward to December 2016, with no booked trip for the following year, I booked a 4-day trip to Bangkok.

When I arrived at the airport for my flight to Bangkok, I was scared. It was very unsettling, but it’s about time to face it – I’m going solo! I slept the entire flight since I didn’t get to sleep the day before since I have to be at the airport by 3AM. I woke up and the plane’s on its final descend – I found myself grinning. This is it! I can do this!

FullSizeRender 2I was proud of myself because I arrived safely from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the hostel by train. I’m really into experiencing their local transport and this got to be one of the easiest train system to navigate. The entire trip I was observing, adjusting and experiencing. I can’t count how many times I prayed for my safety when I’m walking an “unfriendly” street, crossing the street without stoplight or overpass, asking strangers for directions and everything in between. But at the end of each day, I am overwhelmed with joy.


During my last night, I was video chatting with Kim. I was smiling while narrating my story. Yes, there are tons of things to do in Bangkok, but I opted to do what I know I’ll enjoy – temple hopping, museum and food trip. I was simply enjoying my trip (regardless of all the mishaps) at my own phase. And yes, there are experiences I wanted to try, but I was half-hearted, but time will come for those things. Baby steps, baby steps.

I guess, what I wanted to say is – going solo travel is definitely scary (at first). It’s never going to be that easy. But, it’s liberating. It’s like opening a door full of possibilities. It’s empowering.


So that’s my quick story of going solo in Bangkok! I’m already back in Manila, but already planning on my next solo trip. To conquering your bucket list!!!




I’ve been blessed in 2014 with the gift of travel, and for that I am truly grateful. I certainly didn’t plan to spend my Christmas and New Year at Dubai, but I’m not complaining. It was, sort of, a last minute trip with my mother and brother. If I’d known we’ll fly out of the county earlier, I wouldn’t book a solo Singapore & Palawan ticket, which I wasn’t able to use.

Aside from the gift of travel, I’m also thankful for the lessons that I learned in each (missed) trip.

1 — Research first before booking. Remember that more than 8-hour “lay-over” at Malaysia? If I’d known earlier that the LCCT was almost an hour away from city, I’d book the earliest flight out of Malaysia to Singapore. It was definitely a waste of time, but I’m glad we were able to sleep.

2 — Plan all your trips. I wanted to include this because I was an impulsive booker last year. I’d grab every chance to book a ticket out, with not clearly planning my trips for the entire year, especially financially. Though, I’m not really spending too much for each trip, might as well, plan for it financially. This is a vacation/adventure after all, might as well try all those #WhenIn bucket list.

3. Be a traveller, not a tourist. Travelling is another way of learning. It opens your eyes to the beauty of the unknown. Try just booking a ticket, with no specific itinerary and just go! You’ll be more amazed by the places you’ll visit.

I’m starting my 2015 in a foreign country and it wasn’t bad as I thought. Happy New Year!!

To more city skylines, metro train systems, train tickets and passport stamps!



Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holiday (well at least for me) in the US. It’s like the Christmas holiday version here in the Philippines.And I honestly want to experience a real Thanksgiving Celebration — in the US. I’m missed writing and I’m using Thanksgiving as an excuse to finally write here.

I am really vocal on how grateful and blessed I feel with all the great things that is happening to me. I’m beyond speechless thinking I must have done something right to deserve all those people, opportunities, things and all! I just wanted to share the best I’ve got this year. 🙂

1. The Mother & The Sister


Insert the little brother here. My mom is definitely on the top of my list. I seriously cannot imagine life without her. I’m 23 (yikes! I feel old) and still dependent to her. She’s the bravest person I know – raising three kids alone, and still supporting us even if we’re already working. Then comes my sister, we had our differences when I was still a brat, but I’m thankful that we’ve passed that stage and will soon be sharing rooms! She’s my sunflower, shining back at me with all the good things. Her strong-willed yet jolly personality inspires me. Ahhh, to be around these two — it’s simply amazing.

2. The Babe


She’s been there since we were in college. We may not talk for a month, yet nothing changes. She rarely speaks a word, yet when she does, I listen. I really do. She’s like the ray of light in my life — keeping me sane and keeping me on track. Ahhhh, thank you for always being there – just a text away, whatever time it may be. Thanks for believing and looking straight into the good side of me. And never forgetting to build what needs to be built. This year was all sort of crazy, yet you stayed. I’ll be forever grateful for the friendship.

3. The Crazy People. 


Insert Chauvin. Insert Angelo. Insert Patricia. Never a dull moment with this gang. I think it’s rare to find a group of people who are on the same level of crazy with you, sometimes even higher. It was through them I was able accept all levels of crazy. They showed me a side of myself I haven’t seen since forever – the crazy, happier side with a more straight forward personality. To the crazy people who takes care of me whenever I had a drink, or two, cheers to this amazing friendship!

4. The Original Team


This is where it started — from being a baby to being a lead. I was a fresh grad when I joined the team, yet they’ve entrusted me with all the big things. From the super woman of the department, to the crazy boss, to all the crazy work we do to make sure we’re actually doing the right thing, it’s a blessing. To my two mentors who inspires me to be efficient and driven and dedicated- thank you. I hope to be even as half as great leaders as you are.

5. The New Team


I received 3 regret letters in an hour one time. Little did I know, I’d get a chance, on a silver platter, to work with the Global Compensation Team. I’d be honest, I was scared! I wanted a new job, yes. I wanted something challenging, yes. But this is beyond challenging. This is a different level of responsibility and commitment. This is outside my comfort zone. I’m struggling ever day but the words of encouragement from the team keeps me going. What can I say aside from thank you for this opportunity?

There are some other people I am truly grateful for. It’s a special shout out to the people who made this year a whole lot better in every possible way. Thank you for making a difference in my crazy and messy life.



I’m ditching my booked flight to Singapore on September to travel local first. Though, I’ve made plans already for my second Singapore trip, I was having second thoughts about it since I’ve been there and I’ve pretty much seen what I wanted to see. And, I can spend the same amount and check off my Local Travel Bucketlist.

First off, Boracay on August. What better way to enjoy the usually crowded Boracay than travel on lean season? My friends really booked this flight so I could finally skip that Singapore trip. But, not that I’m complaining, I love that I’m travelling again with my very good friend, Marrows along with our other friends. Here’s to the riot waiting for us!

Second, El Nido on November. What can I say? I love Palawan. Island hopping at its finest! Ahhh! I was planning on going solo but another friend wanted to tag along, so why not?

Probably the last is Bacolod’s Masskara Festival. I haven’t booked yet, but I’m planning to. I wanna experience a local festival and Sinulog’s 6 months away!! Plus, Bacolod would be fun. Food haven, gorgeous beaches.

I’m hoping that I’d be able to get a new laptop before Boracay! I miss blogging! And I need to start my itineraries! ❤️

Here’s to the girl who travels!! ✈️

Lesson 1: No drinks beside your laptop.

My laptop’s broken! ;( I accidentally knocked my glass of water to my laptop. It was so wet that my keyboard looked like a pool. I still have to blog about the last day of my KL adventure! And not to mention my recent camping and trekking experience at Nagsasa Cove, Zambales.